What we do

We apply methodological skill and technical excellence to design for value-driven growth

Experience Propositions

Crafting solutions that address the needs that matter.

Understanding the value-creation context of a business, inclusive of the way its products and services are organised to satisfy specific needs. We improve the core attributes of a proposition by ensuring they are crafted to address needs, pain, gain and “jobs to be done”, and that they are tested and de-risked before launch.

Experience Commercialisation

Bringing your brand promise to life in the market.

Deliver brand experience to market that’s aligned to your distinct brand position and values. Creating synergy and measurable results by connecting your brand promise to proof points, products, features and experiences, that drive clear and concise growth drivers for your brand.

Experience Journey Design

Designing experiences that build loyalty and lifetime value.

Crafting and shaping holistic client and employee experiences, through understanding key moments of truth that build loyalty and lifetime value. Forge powerful connections with your clients and employees across products, services, people, tech, touch-points and take control of client value management strategies.

Experience Evolution

Building exceptional experience delivery into your business DNA.

Building skills and capacity. Integrate experience delivery into the DNA of your business and ensure its operational and organisational effectiveness. Curate and define the skills, capacity and ways of work required to build or mature your own design capabilities, capable of maximising organisational growth and experience-led ways of work.

Experience Engineering

Designing and engineering products that users love and drives value.

Experience Engineering creates and re-invigorates your digital or physical product experiences. Design clear strategies and execute them to create and capture value through products, especially digital ones. Return on Investment and user love, unified through dynamic product experiences that are defined by their usefulness.


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Meet our leadership team driving empathy-led business transformation

Andile Khumalo, Board Chairman

Andile Khumalo is a seasoned entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant with over two decades of experience in finance & business.

He is the CEO of KhumaloCo, a family investment office in Technology, Media, Marketing, Hospitality & Property and Chairman of the Immersion Group Board.

Viresh Hargovan, Chief Executive Officer

Viresh Hargovan is a CEO focused on creating exceptional customer experiences that delivers results.

He continues to develop mature design practices in communities & organisations, pioneer state-of-the-art strategies and contribute to industry growth across business sectors.

Reynardt Uys, Chief Experience Officer

A pioneer of customer experience in South Africa, Reynardt Uys, specializes in Experience Strategy development, multi-channel digital experience transformation, and the establishment of mature experience management practices.

He is passionate about developing skills and training in the CX, UX and XD space.


Joanna Freeman, Global Head: Business Development and Relationships

Joanna has over 20 years’ experience in new business development and relationship management, with clients from a wide variety of industries across South Africa, UK, Europe, Middle East and USA.

With a career that spans the advertising, publishing, fashion and manufacturing sectors, Joanna is a dynamic communicator and passionate about helping businesses grow and creating strong business and client relationships.

Ismail Dawjee, Executive Head: Experience Innovation

Ismail Dawjee is an executive head with a passion for creating usable experiences that enhance interactions between people and the world.

He believes in solving the right problem to create valuable outcomes for people, and uses empathy and iteration in his approach. His design philosophy is “Design from the model to the moment”.


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